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Still Standing

I love music! As a worship leader and songwriter, I always appreciate the great music that others produce. Today I had the privilege of listening to Keisha Cory’s new album Still Standing for the first time, and it is definitely something you will want to add to your music library!


Keisha and her husband Trent are incredible worship leaders who have made a huge impact on the body of Christ through their music. Not only are they both talented singers, but their heart for worship, and passion to bring people closer to God is evident in every song they sing. Their music is powerful, and their worship songs are being sung all over the world.

Keisha’s solo project, Still Standing, is a brilliant mix of her worship roots combined with a contemporary Christian feel. The title track, “Still Standing”, is an inspiring, upbeat song that will encourage you that even in the midst of trials, you can still stand strong! The love song, “Overwhelmed” is a beautiful ballad that will bring peace to your soul. Trent joins her on the song “I See Heaven”, and their amazing harmonies take you to a place of worship. “Love Came Down” and “Hallelujah You’re My King” will definitely be songs that I incorporate into our worship services.  Keisha’s amazing vocals, along with so many great songs make it impossible to choose a favorite!

Watch this preview of Keisha’s album

Then go purchase it here on iTunes or here ! You will be glad you did!