What’s Big Today?

Today we started chapel for the kids from the daycare next door. Last year chapel was one of the highlights of my week. A bunch of little kids from preschoolers all the way down to little babies in their strollers, visit our church each week to learn a scripture, sing worship songs, hear a Bible story and hopefully have some seeds planted in their lives that Jesus loves them and will never leave them.

On the way out the door one of the teachers stopped me, pointed to a little boy and told me he accepted Jesus into his heart. I didn’t even do an altar call today, since it was the first chapel and the kids were just getting used to things. However, the teacher saw that the little boy was not participating or even all that interested in the lesson. She asked him if he liked the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, and if he knew Jesus. This precious 4 year old didn’t know anything about Jesus at all! So, she asked him if he would like to ask Jesus into his heart…. and he said YES!

I gave him the thumbs up and told him I was proud of him and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. His smile was so big you would’ve thought he won a trip to Disneyworld or something!

That made my day! It also made me ask the question I ask myself every time I get the opportunity to have a part in impacting the life of a child or anyone really.

So often in ministry people have the tendency to think this is big

  and it is!

Or this

 and it is!

Or this

  and it is!

All of these things are great! and they are big.But you know what else is big? A 4 year old little boy who got to meet Jesus today, the lady in the grocery store who you got to encourage yesterday, the homeless man who you gave a McDonald’s meal to last week.

I hear people all the time say they want to do BIG things for God. And I do too. But I want to do what’s big to Him every day. I want Him to show me little things that are really big things in His eyes.

I challenge you  to ask Him to show you what’s big to him today, and then to be obedient to do it no matter how small it may seem!


5 responses to “What’s Big Today?

  1. Great post and reminder!

  2. Oh I just love this so true. What may be a little thing to us can be HUGE to someone else. PTL

  3. Clarence & Kathy Straube

    Pastor Liz,
    This is so awesome, one soul at a time. How wonderful. You have made our day with this good report. A lady name Patty has moved to the area–one of the people we prayed for. She will be at church on Sunday. God is a moving.
    Clarence and Kathy

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