Even Pastor’s Wives Don’t Get It Right Sometimes


I’m gonna tell you something that might shock you. Are you ready?

Sometimes I don’t listen when God speaks to me.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute. Yes even a pastor’s wife- who is in full time ministry, who leads praise and worship, who teaches Bible School, who counsels people, and I could go on and on- doesn’t get it right sometimes!

This morning I woke up early. 6:30am. Which I know isn’t early for some of you, but it’s summer and I get to go into the office a little later, plus I went to bed really late the night before. So back to my story.

6:30am, I wake up. And I’m talking wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed, could’ve gotten up and taken on the whole world kind of waking up. I looked at my phone to see what time it was and saw how early it was. I didn’t feel like I needed to go back to sleep so contemplated just getting up and starting my day. Then I heard that still small voice saying, “Go downstairs and pray for a little while.”

And guess what? I didn’t. I laid in bed, and didn’t even go back to sleep, but just laid there and thought about nothing for at least an hour.

It hit me about 15 hours later. After I had a stressful day. After I felt completely overwhelmed and a bit panicky at everything I still needed to accomplish. After I almost had a nervous breakdown. After I got mad at my kids. After I felt like an utter failure. Hmmmm maybe I should’ve gotten up and prayed this morning.

I’m not saying anything would’ve been different if I had, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve been able to handle it better. My heavenly Father was trying to prepare me for what was coming and I like a dummy didn’t listen.

Lamentations 3:22-23 in the Message Bible says-

22-23God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out,
his merciful love couldn’t have dried up.
They’re created new every morning.
How great your faithfulness!

Thankfully I get a do over tomorrow. So I’m not gonna beat myself up over it, I’m just gonna get it right next time.And you better believe when He speaks, I’m am going to listen and obey!

6 responses to “Even Pastor’s Wives Don’t Get It Right Sometimes

  1. Clarence & Kathy Straube

    Dearest Pastor Liz,
    Thank you for your honesty–this is why, just one of the reason, that we love you and pray for you.
    We give God all the praise and glory and honor for you and yours.
    You are like a tree planted by the rivers of water, always loving and always feeding us.

    With much love,
    Clarence and Kathy

  2. rose ann felice

    That’s a good word and lesson for all of us. Thank for the prospective to help us to listen when God speaks!! Love you.

  3. Roxanne Dwyer

    I love you for your honesty! So many people fall into condemnation in this area, and that is when their relationship with the Lord is broken. Then they just give up and feel like a failure then life comes in and overwhelm them! It’s good to know that God’d mercy is new everyday and we can enter into His presence and that we are welcomed every time! I just love Him so much!
    Thanks for sharing something we have all experienced!

  4. Thanks for the pure honesty!

    (from one pastor’s wife to another..) yesterday i was disappointed in my hubby’s sermon. i thought he could have been more authentic and shared a personal story (something he and i had discussed the night before). All day I wanted to tell him. so last night as we were lying in bed i felt like it was the appropriate time to tell him so i took a breath and rolled in his direction. At the same time he rolled toward me and we banged heads HARD! I took that as a sign to keep my mouth SHUT!

  5. Hello! I found you via pinterest. As a fellow pastor’s wife, I just love the honesty here! Yes, we make mistakes, and so do our husbands, too. We’re all just works in progress here on Earth. I’d love to invite you to link this post up at the Grace and Truth Christian Living linky party this Friday. We have nine co-hosts so it’s good exposure, and I know some other pastors’ wives join in, too. Anyway, if you’re interested, just stop by my blog on Friday! Thanks again for being so vulnerable. I’ll be pinning this one! 🙂
    Jen @ Being Confident of This

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