Speak Lord

I was thinking today of the phrase I hear church people say- “Speak Lord” I wonder if when we say that we really want to hear what He has to say? And whether or not we will obey His  voice if we do hear?

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t hear God” or ” God doesn’t speak to me”?  I ‘ve walked through seasons in life where I could clearly hear God speaking to me on a regular basis, and I’ve walked through seasons where I didn’t even recognize His voice. I came to a realization just the other day. God never stopped speaking to me, (insert dramatic pause here) I just stopped listening.

Funny thing about God though, when you do take the time to hear what He has to say- and I’m not just talking about in your prayer time, I’m talking about in the day to day ordinary moments throughout your day- when you are quick to obey when He tells you something, even something small, suddenly it seems that He starts talking a lot more.

God longs for a personal relationship with us probably more than we long for one with Him, and the only successful relationships I know of involve two-way communication on a regular basis. So don’t just talk  TO Him, take the time to hear what He has to say back.

What’s He been saying to you lately?



6 responses to “Speak Lord

  1. To listen to my big sister 😉

  2. to listen to my kids’ baby sitter. 🙂

  3. In my work environment I am a Cisco Phone Administrator. We have what is called “to much noise” this means you are unable to hear clear. Pastor Chris says “remove all the noise from our head”. It is kind of like the phones. Or trying to fine tune a radio station. God is always speaking….we just have to remove all the noise and His voice becomes larger, louder and greater. If He called us in a crowd of people would we recognize His voice? You and Pastor Chris have taught me so much. This has caused me to be able to remove much of the noise to hear my Father. Thank you so very much.

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