Miss Elainious

This is Miss Elaini.

The last time I saw her she was a beautiful little baby. The sister of one of my best friends. Now she has grown up to be a beautiful woman, with an even more beautiful heart.

She has an extraordinary burden for orphans in India. Like many people, she was moved by the plight of the fatherless and motherless little children in need of homes. Unlike many others, she decided to do something about it. Due to various health issues  that have been a part of her life since she was very young, traveling overseas was not an option for her. Yet this young woman was determined to make a difference. Inspired by Sheena over at the Uniform project, Miss Elaini began her 1 dress for 100 days project. She wore the same black dress, for 100 days straight, changing the styling for 100 unique looks, in an attempt to raise $50,000 for her beloved orphans. She partnered with Warm Blankets which is an organization that builds orphanages in under privileged countries.

At the end of her 100 days she had raised over $30,000. Pretty awesome right? Not as awesome as what happened next. Instead of just being satisfied that she had been able to help so many children, Elaini decided that although she was no longer wearing the little black dress, she wasn’t going to stop raising awareness or money until her $50,000 goal was met. Her 100 days ended 127 days ago, and she is still working tirelessly to meet her goal. In this day and age it is rare to see someone so selfless, so determined to make a difference that they won’t allow physical limitations, or anything else stand in their way. Miss Elaini is a refreshing reminder of what it means to sacrifice for others.

Currently, her total raised is $41,714.90. That means she only needs $8285.10 to finish her challenge. If you would like to help this amazing young woman, please visit her blog Misselainious.com and donate today. Every dollar counts!




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