Walls Are Coming Down

One Bible story I love is the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho found in Joshua 6:1-27.

In a nutshell, the children of Israel had wandered around in the desert for 40 years, their leader had died and Joshua had become the new leader. The Lord had promised them a land of their own and Joshua was the guy that was going to lead them to their promise.
One problem though, Jericho stood in their way. Jericho was a city with high walls surrounding it. The walls were so wide and so thick that entering the city was a nearly impossible feat. That is except for a God who makes the impossible, possible.

The Lord instructed Joshua to assemble the people and to have them march around the city once a day for six days. On the seventh day however, they were to go around the city seven times, and after the seventh time they were to lift up their voices and shout in praise to the One who had given them the city.
Joshua related these instructions to the people and instructed them to not say a word as they marched, not even make a sound with their mouths. The people did as they were commanded, carried out the plan and on that seventh day as they shouted the walls were knocked down, the barrier was removed and they took the city.

We can learn a few lessons from Joshua and his crew.

1) No matter what God tells you to do, don’t critique it, don’t argue with it and just obey. Those children of Israel may have thought it was crazy to march around a city in silence, but they did it anyways.


2) Keep your mouth shut! I would imagine that part of the reason for the silence was so that they could not begin to murmur, complain or question what their leader was telling them to do. Many times in life we need to learn to be silent rather than speak. If negative thoughts aren’t given the avenue of words they have no power.


3) You have to give a shout! Praise is a weapon that can be used to fight every devil in hell! We know that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Your praise activates something in the spirit. Once the children of Israel lifted up their voices and gave a shout then heaven took over and the walls crumbled!

What kind of walls are you facing today? Lift up your voice, give a shout of praise, a shout of victory and watch them begin to come down!


PS- Next week we will be holding our first Relevant Church Praise and Worship Conference! The theme of this conference is Walls Are Coming Down and I’m believing God that the walls in our community and in the lives of the people attending will be torn down in the midst of our worship. If you are anywhere near the Daytona Beach area I encourage you to join us as we go to new levels in worship. If you are not in the area I would love your prayers for this event!



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