Today’s Experience With a Hornet

My friend Melody had an experience today that I asked her to guest blog about. It’s good stuff!!

I spent almost 30minutes today chasing down a hornet that got inside my house. After about 20 minutes, I lost sight of it and couldn’t find it for about 5 minutes. During those few minutes, I kept real still and listened for it to find it again.

I kept thinking, I didn’t want it to sting me or even worse my son
( I had to leave soon to get him from school). I climbed on furniture, I swung the broom at it, I even screamed a few times…all the time armed with glass cleaner to spray it down with if necessary.

I prayed that God will help me find it and get it out of the house….finally with a few nudges from the broom it left the house right out the door it came into.

I was relieved and a little shaken by this today but almost immediately the Lord laid this on my heart…Why are our homes not always protected with such fervency.

You see I let that hornet in by not shutting the door…to often we allow “something” in our home without even noticing. I didn’t realize it was there until I heard it, turning the corner and being shocked by a large hornet! Many times we don’t realize what has come into our home until it has already made its residence.

Why do we not spend time praying over our home?

Why don’t we just stop and listen for that which may be in our home that needs to be found?

Why do we not “climb the furniture” and shift things around to make the “hornet” uncomfortable enough to get up and leave our home?

Why do we not scream a little bit at the “hornet” to let it know it is not welcome?

Maybe if we looked at sin the way I saw that hornet…as an intruder that I refused to allow hurt me or my family ….the enemy would have no choice but to leave on it’s own, right out the door it came in from!

Thanks Melody! What an awesome reminder of what it says in 1Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Or in this case maybe he’s walking around like an angry hornet 🙂


One response to “Today’s Experience With a Hornet

  1. great post!

    i hate to think of all the ‘hornets’ i have let in my house!

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