The Time

Yesterday I started talking about Habakkuk 2:3, and how important it is to have vision for your life. I repeated what my husband said, “Every vision has a time, a voice, a tarry, and a time when it comes to pass.” As promised, today we are going to talk about the appointed time.

The thing about your vision is, it is for an apointed time, and we don’t always know when that time is. We might think we know but as it says in Isaiah 55:8- our thoughts are not HIS thoughts. Just because we think the apointed time is now, doesn’t mean that He does. Instead of focusing on when your vision, your purpose for your life, is going to come to pass, start actually focusing on what you need to do to see that it does.

Take Yu Na Kim for example.

She was the 2010 Olympic gold Medal Champion in figure skating. Her apointed time was February 25, 2010. However, Yu Na had been skating for 12 years before that moment. She had trained extensively, and practiced relentlessly. Her family even moved to another part of South Korea, and eventually to California to enable her to get the best training she could get. She was in countless skating competitions in the nine years between her first international competition  and the World’s biggest event- The Olympics.

I do not know this exceptional yound lady personally, but I imagine that she always had a goal in mind, a goal to win an Olympic gold medal. I would imagine that every decision made in her life over all the years  was carefully weighed against her goal. She probably practiced when she didn’t feel like it, skated when she was tired, and perservered until her apointed time came. She probably fell down, got knocked down, had moments where she wanted to quit. But since she is currently ranked the number one ladies figure skater in the world, I’m guessing she didn’t let anything stop her from reaching the vision that she saw in herself from the time she was 7 years old and began training to be a champion.

What’s your vision? I asked you that yesterday. What are you doing to train for your moment, for your appointed time? Are your actions in the right now reflecting the vision that God has given you for your life in the time to come?

The time that you spend preparing for your purpose is never time that has no meaning. When the apointed time comes, you will be glad that you were ready!


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