Snow Days


From what I hear many of my friends and family members are experiencing a bit of a blizzard. Hearing about the school cancellations and job closings due to the snow storms made me think about winters when I was a kid.

How we loved snow days! I remember being glued to the television the night before to see the closings scroll across the bottom of the screen, and rejoicing when we saw that there was no school! Even when we homeschooled, mom let us take a day off if everyone else in town got to!

 Sleeping in a bit later than normal. Bundling up in so many layers, but never enough to stay completely warm. Going outside to sled, making snow angels and playing in the snow until we couldn’t take the cold anymore. Pink cheeks, frozen fingers and toes, wet hats and scarves.

Then we would go inside, leaving our boots strewn about the porch, taking off the cold, wet clothes, and putting on something comfy and warm. Blowing on our poor little fingers to unthaw them. And just when we were warm and dry, we would want to go outside again!

I also remember Mom making us a special snow day treat. Snow Cream! I’m not sure how she made it but I know it involved snow, an egg, some milk, vanilla and sugar. You can ask her if you want the exact recipe.

Thinking back on those days though, made me especially glad that now I live here!

As the apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:11 for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. But I hafta say, it’s a whole lot easier when I’m warm 11 months out of the year!


2 responses to “Snow Days

  1. Clarence and Kathy Straube

    Yes, it is easier when we are warm 11 months of the year. But I still love going home to snow,. Each time we go back I always pray for snow while we are there–God has not let us down, no not one time. Serving a great God.
    Clarence and Kathy

  2. i’m glad you have warm and fuzzy snow memories.
    we just got our second blizzard this week, and i
    LOVE it.

    enjoy the sun!

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