Get Wisdom

Proverbs 1:1-5 1THE PROVERBS (truths obscurely expressed, maxims, and parables) of Solomon son of David, king of Israel:  2That people may know skillful and godly Wisdom and instruction, discern and comprehend the words of understanding and insight,   3Receive instruction in wise dealing and the discipline of wise thoughtfulness, righteousness, justice, and integrity,   4That prudence may be given to the simple, and knowledge, discretion, and discernment to the youth   5The wise also will hear and increase in learning, and the person of understanding will acquire skill and attain to sound counsel [so that he may be able to steer his course rightly]—
Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs to give people an understanding of how important godly Wisdom is in the life of a believer. Wisdom is important no matter what your age, education level, or demographic. In this passage Solomon says that Wisdom will enable the simple to use discretion and good sense, the young to gain knowledge enabling them to use good judgment. Those who are wise will simply learn more, and those that understand will gain even greater skill. I love the last line- so that he may be able to steer his course rightly. In this time and season it is especially important to use wisdom in all that we do. We have to be careful to make right decisions, right choices, and have right associations. In Proverbs 4:6-8 Solomon says 6Forsake not [Wisdom], and she will keep, defend, and protect you; love her, and she will guard you.  7The beginning of Wisdom is: get Wisdom (skillful and godly Wisdom)! [For skillful and godly Wisdom is the principal thing.] And with all you have gotten, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation)  8Prize Wisdom highly and exalt her, and she will exalt and promote you; she will bring you to honor when you embrace her. We see that it is important to get Wisdom, but how do we do that?
James 1:5 says 5If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.
If we ask God for His wisdom before making decisions He will give it to us, but then we have to be obedient to do what He tells us to do. It is important to understand that Godly wisdom is different than the world’s wisdom. My husband tells a story of how several years ago he had the opportunity to make an investment that seemed like it would really pay off. As he was praying about it, he heard, “Don’t do this, it’s not going to work”. Instead of listening he went by what it looked like on paper and invested a sum of money. Over the next few weeks he and his business partner watched in excitement as their stocks rose. Again he heard, “this isn’t going to work”, and again he ignored what he heard and kept watching as it seemed he would make more and more money. You can guess what happened. In the end not only did he not make any money on the deal, he lost his initial investment. He was operating with the world’s wisdom rather than with godly wisdom. If you are lacking in Wisdom, ask God today to guide you and lead you in making the right decisions that will benefit you in all you do.

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  1. May God bless us all with wisdom.. 🙂

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